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Sol de Chile Winemaker Selection Sauvignon Blanc


Sol de Chile Winemaker Selection Sauvignon Blanc


Winemaker Notes

Our Sauvignon Blanc has a yellow color with greenish tones, alongside a complex nose dominated by pineapple and gooseberry. The mouth follows the nose with a superb taste and richness. The acidity provides the structure and gives the wine focus. The end of mouth extends with lime and minerals. Drink with appetizers, or fresh or cooked seafood, such as oysters, scallops and salmon.

Special Characteristics

The grapes come from a special selection of 3 and 6 quarters of our finest vineyards in Villa Alegre, Maule Valley, which are specially managed and controlled to maintain a maximum performance of 6 tons per hectare (2.4 tons per acre) and high exposure of the fruit, producing a highly concentrated wine ideal for aging. Once in a stainless steel tank, it’s brought to a concentration of 20% to maximize the flavor, ripen tannins and develop color. The wine is aged about 15 months in new French oak barrels, with a production yield of 80,000 bottles.
Winemaker: Claudio Gonçalves
Varietal composition: 100% Sauvignon Blanc
Apellation: D.O. Valle Central
Bottling: Estate Bottled
Soil Type: Sandy loam earth
Harvest: At the middle of March
Alcohol: 13%
Suggested Temperature: 12-13ºC

The grapes come from our estate vineyards in Villa Alegre, 285 km south of Santiago in the Maule Valley. The soils are derived from volcanic ash and consist of sandy to sandy-loam earth. The vineyards are flat and receive an excellent exposure to sunlight. The yields are carefully controlled so as to produce concentrated and elegant wines.


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