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Kunza Reserve Malbec


Kunza Reserve Malbec



Varietal composition:100% Malbec
Apellation: Maipo Valley.
Soil and Climate: Alluvial soil, warm summer and cool nights.
Semi-arid Mediterranean climate.
Harvest: At middle of March
Alcohol: 13,5°
Residual sugar: 3,3 g/L
Total asidity: 3,48 g/L
PH: 3,65

Serving suggestions

This Sophisticated Malbec pairs perfectly with great company
and conversation between 60 – 62 F.
Excellent with Roast Beef, Tuna Steak, BBQ, Lamb, Hamburgers.

Total cases produced and bottled: 2440 cases.

This is a wine to share, to “Kunsa”. An expression used by indigenous people from the mystic Northem region of chile. Word Kunza derived form the complex combination of soil, water and vegetation, which, granted them pride and became their greatest asset. Currently known as terroir this region would eventually create a unique wine. A wineto share = Kunza. Salud!


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