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Kunza Gran Reserva Malbec


Kunza Gran Reserva Malbec


Variety: Malbec 100%

Appellation: Maipo Valley

Winemaker: Patricia Inostroza.

Responsible for more than twenty award winning wines. Has worked
closely with with re known winemakers: Aurelio Montes and Michelle

Bottling: Estate bottled

Alcohol: 13, 5º

Sustainable farming wine – Recylcled Glass – Proud to be eco friendly.
This noble wine presents a delicate violet color with ruby sparkles. It has intense red fruit aromas, such as strawberries, cherries and blackcurrant, all harmoniously mixed with soft spices. It has lovely ripen tannins, velvety texture with clear taste of raspberry, explodes on the nose and then on the palate offering a juicy lengthy finish.

In mouth it is bright, fresh and fruity with hints of spices.

This is a wine to share, to “Kunza”. An expression used by indigenous people from the mystic Northern region of Chile. Word Kunza derived form the complex combination of soil, water and vegetation, which, granted them pride and became their greatest asset. Currently known as terroir this region would eventually create a unique wine. A wine to share = Kunza. Salud!


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